Monday, June 20, 2011

Teaching with E's

How much fun looking is this frame! I read this poem and thought that it would be perfect as an inspirational frame. The KZ stands for KidZone, our children's ministry at church. I've made this poem my prayer as I go into the classroom, but I've also recognized how powerful this poem is when I replace the word "teach" with "parent". I bought a unfinished wooden frame from Michael's and altered it with several different papers, ribbon and embellishments. The ribbon says that Jesus loves me. That was a last minute touch which means for me that even when I fall short, Jesus still loves me. You can click on the picture to view it larger. Here are the words to the poem...
Enable me to teach with wisdom for I help to shape the mind.
Equip me to teach with truth for I help to shape the conscience.
Encourage me to teach with vision for I help to shape the future.
Empower me to teach with love for I help to shape the world.

1 comment :

Rosa said...

Great Frame and inspirational message.

This would be good in any teachers classroom. would make great gifts for teachers.